Heroin project

Updated: 5/12/2020
Heroin project

Storyboard Description

Two friends walk to lunch talking about what they learned today in health. In class they had discussed drugs and their effects. They also learned about the statistics and deaths of heroin users. They are happy to get to lunch because it took them such a long time to get there today.

Storyboard Text

  • That 80% of people who abuse heroin started by abusing prescription drugs?
  • I can't believe what we learned about in health today.
  • How many was it again?
  • Well yeah, but I was mostly talking about how many people die each year from an overdose.
  • That's crazy.
  • 15,000 a year
  • Did you know it's so hard for people to quit because withdrawl can begin in as little as three hours after taking the drug?
  • No, I didn't know that.
  • You guys took forever to get her today!