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Story Board Project
Updated: 9/21/2020
Story Board Project
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  • One way to benefit from quarantine is to look at it as an opportunity to spend time with friends and family. This can be a way to laugh even through the horrible situation occurring. Overall knowing someone loves you and cares is an amazing feeling so always stay near those people even if they are not blood related. Not only would you possibly become closer but trust would be built as well since everyone would be able to share their feelings. Emotional intelligence is important since it deals with your actions towards certain scenarios and every family should check on each other because everybody is going through a lot.
  • You may even be shocked of the new hobbies you may learn. Many students never get a chance to sit down and just read a book. Usually, a schedule of a high school and college student mainly consists of attending class, doing homework, and any after class activities such as a sport or job. Reading is able to clear your mind and lead you into a world of imagination just for a while to calm you down. By escaping reality, your mind expands, improves your perspective skills, and help with destressing and all these techniques are helpful with dealing/handling with Covid-19. Reading is also helpful with concentration so while researching about ways to prevent corona you can take in the words meaningfully.
  • Another fun activity to focus on while being in quarantine is art. This opens your creativity skills and you may even be shocked by how calming it can be. Just like reading, art can also reduce stress and increase imagination. Art is also known to make you more observant and solve practical problems. Again while hearing news or reading articles you can use your artistic ability to have an input on the situation and by feeling included, it may create a safe place for you. After all art takes time so instead of just laying in bed feeling useless, art may become one hobby you learn to enjoy.
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