Act 5 sc1
Updated: 2/14/2020
Act 5 sc1

Storyboard Text

  • Hamlet has gotten out of control...something must be done
  • He needs to pay for what he's done to me and my father!
  • You shall fight him with a poison sword to kill him
  • Ay m'lord, You are a genius!
  • That damn fool 'll be dead soon
  • hehe...see you in hell Hamlet
  • The King says that Hamlet has gotten out of control and that he needs to leave. Laertes then chimes in and cries about how he killed his father. Then they both agree that Hamlet must die.
  • Shortly after they here of Hamlets return, they both devise a plan on how to kill Hamlet, and make it look like an accident. Laertes says he is going to sword fight him and cut him with a sword that has poison on it. If a certain situation pops up that he is unable to be cut by it, then they are going to make him drink poison to make sure he dies.
  • Hamlet then returns to the castle and Laertes and the King part ways to set up there plan. They send the guards and everyone off to prepare for the "friendly battle", without anyone knowing.