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My life as a water cycle
Updated: 3/30/2019
My life as a water cycle
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  • Does your life never end? Well, mine doesn't end. For I am a water droplet and I'm apart of the watercyle like in this picture. I am here to tell you about the water cycle; There are 3 things in the water cycle, 2 that are extra, look in the next cell to find out.
  • The first thing thats in the water cycle is evaporation. This occurs when the sun heats water from lakes, oceans, rivers, esc.
  • The second thing is called condensation; This happens when the Evaporated water rises up into the air and then cools down and that's how nature makes clouds.
  • The second to the last thing for the water cycle is Precipitation; Precipitation happens when water droplets or water crystals get t heavy and fall off. 
  • There are two more extra things in the water cycle the first one is transpiration, this is the evaporation from a plant.
  • Last but certainly not least is Runoff, this occurs when water from rain, snow melt, or other sources, that flows over the land surface, and is a major component of the water cycle.
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