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Updated: 3/13/2020
Health Story

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Refusal comic

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  • No, thank you for inviting me though.
  • Hey Mandy! Ya wanna come to a party on Friday night?
  • Yes, I am still sure. I already had plans when you asked me yesterday.
  • Are you still sure about not going? I was really hoping you'd come; you could hang out with me...
  • Did you get Mandy to go?
  • No, I don't know why she doesn't wanna go. She's missing a perfect opportunity to be popular.
  • Hold on a sec, I need to check with my parents. If they say yes, it's a go!
  • They said yes!! What time do want me to come over?
  • Hey Sarah! I just wanted to see if you wanted to come over Friday. These girls at school want me to go to a party of theirs, I don't want to go. I need an excuse...
  • 5:30 maybe?
  • Thank you for inviting me! I know it's hard to say no to some tempting parties, but you did the right thing.
  • Thank you for supporting me. If you ever need an excuse, just text me.
  • Me too! We're gonna have so much fun!
  • I'm so excited for tonight!