Updated: 5/27/2021

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  • The Ngai Tai, descendants from the people of the Tainui canoe, settled in Maraetai, Howick, Whitford and Howick. Other tribes like the Ngati Te Ata, Ngati Paoa and Wai-O-Hua also settled in Tamaki Makaurau
  • Between 1740 and 1750, Ngati Whatua-o-Kaipara moved south, invading the isthmus and Killing Kiwi Tamaki, they also killed Kiwi Paramount chief of Wai-o-Hua. The conquerors then secured their dominance by intermarrying with Nga Oho.
  • From 1600 to 1750 the Tamaki tribes, starting building 
  • Across the isthmus, Maori settlers created over 2,000 hectares of Kumera Farms. At the peak of their production in 1750, the population reached up to tens of thousands. It was pre-European New Zealand's most weathy area.
  • In 1821, the NgaPuhi tribe leader Hongi Hika, stormed two Ngati Paoa Pa and killing and enslaving hundreds. In 1825 they invaded again the battle – known as Te Ika-a-ranganui was fought near Kaiwaka. Hongi Hika repeated the slaughter at Te Tōtara, the Ngāti Maru fortress near Thames.
  • Survivors were imprisoned and enslaved. Others were taken into exile.