Updated: 2/22/2021

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  • Hello, Suzy...Are you at home?
  • He came
  • what happened to you Suzy?...Why are you so hurt?
  • Who?...Your ex husband?
  • Yes, He figured out that I reported him because he hasn´t paid the child´s maintenance
  • He warned me not to tell anybody happened
  • He was hitting me, when he started to look for the places where my money was. He took all the money I was saving up for my kid´s expenses.
  • I know, but I´m just to afraid that he could do something worse against me and my son.
  • But, what the house is such a mess?....Did he do something more?
  • You can´t act like everything is OK
  • you have to report him
  • OK. I will do it. I´m just hoping that he´ll have been arrested by the end of the day.
  • You can act either like a coward and do nothing or You can report him and protect your child and yourself.
  • Excuse me, would you mind telling me where I can make a report?
  • Just go straight. You're going to sea sign when you´re there.
  • At the afternoon
  • But, he hasn´t just hit me, he also has stolen my money.
  • I´m sorry, but your report was denied. There´s not enough evidence.
  • Neither we can´t arrest him for nonsense nor we can´t reopen a closed case.
  • EX: I haven´t done anything wrong… just take this money, instead and let me come back home.
  • P: so, what is your version of the story?