A Midsummer Night’s Dream Act III sc ii Part 1
Updated: 6/5/2020
A Midsummer Night’s Dream  Act III sc ii Part 1
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  • Oh Helena! You're so beautiful!
  • GOD! I can't believe you two! At first you're rivals who both love Hermia. Now you're rivals to make fun of me.
  • He doesn't love you Helena, he loves Hermia!
  • Lysander you can keep Hermia, all the love I had for her has vanished. I only love you Helena!
  • Don't waste your breath rats.
  • You're lying Demetrius! You love Hermia, we all know that. I love you Helena, I do! With all my heart!
  • See! Here comes the woman you love, Hermia!
  • Why wouldn't I go to the place where love calls me?
  • Hi love, Lysander. Why'd you leave me?
  • Helena! I love her more than I had ever loved you. Why are you following me through the woods? I don't love you!
  • UGH! I can't STAND you three! You're also part of this group to mock me over and over! Y'all are the WORST!
  • No! You're not thinking straight!
  • What love took you away from my side?
  • You sent Lysander, to mock me, to praise my face! And also sent Demetrius to call me beautiful even though he hates me! And to deny your love! You knew I think that I would never be as lucky as you. So you decided to make fun of me.
  • Excuse me! I haven't done anything wrong to you, you are being mean to me!
  • I don't know what you're talking about!
  • Of course...
  • You make faces at each other behind my back! Winking and mocking me! This act, while well acted, must stop NOW!
  • Helena, my love, calm down please.
  • Lysander, honey, don't mess with her.
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