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Summary of Romeo and Juliet: Arranged Marriage Scene
Updated: 5/21/2020
Summary of Romeo and Juliet: Arranged Marriage Scene
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This is a summary of the arranged marriage scene in Romeo and Juliet. For my 8th period English class.

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  • I have told her, yet she is not happy!
  • Get hanged you disobedient wretch! I tell you what, be at the Church on Thursday or never look me in the face. Don't speak, don't reply, don't answer me. I thought that we were blessed to have a single child, but now I see that this 1 child is a great curse upon us.
  • What WHAT! How is she not happy? How is she not PROUD? Does she not know how lucky she is?
  • I'm not proud, but thankful. I could never be proud of marrying this man, whom I hate. But I am thankful for this act was of love from you two.
  • What nonsense is this?! Thanks you, no thank you, but you are not PROUD?! Do or don't say thank you or I'm proud but you better be ready! For you're going to the St. Peter's Church on Thursday with Paris. Or I will drag you there myself you green sickness!
  • Father please I beg of you! Be patient and kind and listen to me!
  • OMG stop! Are you OK?
  • NO! It makes me furious that all I've ever done through my life is to try to get her a husband. But, even now that she has a noble man in front of her, she refuses! If you do not go to the Church this Thursday, I don't care what happens to you!
  • God bless her! You are cruel to say these horrible things to this kind child!
  • I speak no betrayal. I just want you to see that this young girl deserves to be herself and choose who she wants to marry.
  • And why is that, O smart one? Be quiet for God's sake. Go gossip with your friends.
  • You're overreacting!
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