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Updated: 2/14/2019
Unknown Story
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  • The French Revolution
  • France was facing a severe financial crisis due to the immense debt accrued through the French involvement in the Seven Years War and the American Revolution.
  • The ideas of the Enlightenment inspired both the American and French Revolution. The Revolution was based on the principles of liberty, equality, and fraternity. Philosophers of the Enlightenment, known as philosophes, favored limited monarchy, freedom of speech, and equality.
  • we are too ignorant, too vain,...
  • the newspaper served as unofficial public representation, lending transparency and awareness to government proceedings.
  • Marat Takes freedom of the press to the extreme by publishing articles full of radicalism and anger towards the government; created many times plots that caused paranoia and violence; stories written about kings, parties, degradation of flag
  • Women protesting the price of bread and eventually violently march on Versailles with weapons. They get the king to sign and recognize the Declaration of the Rights of Man
  • In 1798, France was divided into Three Estates. Less than 3% of the French were in the upper two classes of French society (nobility and clergy), and they had lived a life of luxury for years. The Third Estate (peasants) had grown tired of the lavish lifestyle of the monarchy and clergy, and they had been sensationalized by many in the nation who desired an overthrow of the monarchy and the establishment of a republic.
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