the interview
Updated: 1/26/2021
the interview

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  • Riding a taxi across the city in search of places for a work position
  • Much like himself, the buildings are worthless and pointless, as he looked at them calmly.
  • The Interviewby Patrick Ng Kah Onn
  • Looking back at the time when he lived liked an isolated monk. Giving up a lot of things for him to help himself.
  • In order to keep-up with he's lifestyle, he had to let go of his friends, foods to eat and art supplies he had to disparage.
  • Letting go of his friends and moving-in with his family with his father is absolutely unbiased.
  • I'm not going to buy painting supplies. save more money and stay away from being bankrupt!
  • In discouragement, requested a job for clerical service. capability of just completing second grade and being very much perused in writing, still that can't get him far without a degree.
  • Drew down the corners of his mouth sharply. He continuously needed the scholarship-scale insights and riches that may have bolstered his energy to portray.
  • The interview was quite awkward for him. Scarcely having different requirements they were asking for, even for a job like clerk.
  • Barely speaking Malay. No graduation. Doesn't have expertise on both in writing short handed and typewriting. What can they do about him?
  • Terima kasih!
  • Before he leaves, he said thank you in Malay and he surprised them.
  • To be grateful for the interview he had given a chance, even though there's only a low chance of getting the job.