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Odyssey- The Enchantress Circe & The Land Of The Dead
Updated: 2/19/2020
Odyssey- The Enchantress Circe & The Land Of The Dead
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  • come on
  • haha now your swine, what are you going to do now hahaha!!
  • Noooo Odysseus marry me! I promise you'll be happy
  • i'll explain later, hurry!
  • i'm so confused
  • After leaving the island Aeolice, they have arrived to Circe's island Aeaea.
  • let's go
  • guys, i'm a little scared
  • When Circe spiked their wine she made them not want to leave, and then turned them into swine. (pig)
  • oh no!
  • that's your future Odysseus
  • my men nooo!
  • Odysseus gave the flower to Circe and it weakened her powers he was able to free his men and fastly leave to go to the Land of The Dead.
  • i just want my husband not you guys
  • and just want my father back home.
  • no marry me i'll make you a beautiful fruit tree!
  • marry me i'm wealthy
  • please marry me you'll be the happiest person
  • Now, Odysseus and his men have now made it to the Land of The Dead.
  • Teiresias is telling Odysseus what his future looks like, and this is how Odysseus reacts.
  • Also, Teiresias is saying that he's in trouble because insolent men are going to take over his livestock and trying to marry his wife Penelope.
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