Unknown Story
Updated: 4/8/2021
Unknown Story

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  • A homeless girl named Fernanda had been looking for a job for cuple of months because she got kicked out for not paying her rent.
  • introduction
  • rising action
  • ill take you to prince Gabriel's palace to meet him
  • until soon she found a lady who's name was Carmen had an option of working for prince Gabriel.
  • rising action
  • When they got there, Carmen intoduced Fernanda to Prince Gabriel and emidiatly got her to work
  • A homeless girl named Fernanda had been looking for a job for a long time.
  • climax
  • Many years later, after saving enough money for a house, a great miracle happened...She heard a knock on the door so she went and check who it was, Marcos the milk man.
  • Until she found a girl named Carmen gave her an option of working for prince Gabriel and ofcorse she accepted.
  • falling action
  • CAN YOU HELP ME GET OUT OF HERE! Prince Gabriel treats me horrible, i have money so you just have to get me out of here
  • So Carmen took her to Prince Gabriel's palace to meet eachother
  • resolution
  • After that day, they bacame more than friends and decited to get merried
  • As soon as they introduced themselves, he got her to work.
  • years later, the milk man knocked on the door and Fernanda asked for help, Marcos accepted and took her to his house and took care of her,
  • ofcorse ill help you
  • After a long time of been together, Marcos and Fernanda  got marriedand had kids.