Copyright Comic Strip

Updated: 8/27/2021
Copyright Comic Strip

Storyboard Description

a copyright comic strip

Storyboard Text

  • Today you will learn of copyright
  • Copyright is a law which gives content creators exclusive rights to their own work. this law is automatic as to not make the process troublesome
  • ...
  • after enough time has passed a work will go into the public domain, which gives everyone access to it for free. anything not copyrighted is in the public domain automatically
  • if you want to use something copyrighted you need to first as the creator. so if you want to use someone's book to publish a news article. the same thing goes for photos and pictures. and never forget to give the creator credit by citing your work
  • however, should you use someone else's work for education or research. you need not ask permission as it is fair use.
  • Just because you buy the work, does not allow you to reproduce or copy it.
  • ...