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My Father Was a Rolling Stone
Updated: 9/23/2020
My Father Was a Rolling Stone
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Storyboard Description

The life and times of a rock family who became embedded in their life and surroundings only to travel by river to another destination where they put down new homestead and become a part of the land around them. When they decide to travel and change their lives for the last time they end up as changed forever into something that does not even closely resemble what they once were. They have known life as an Igneous Rock family, then into life as Metamorphic Rock family and finally they are now living as Sedimentary rocks where they change slowly but surely into sediments of dust.

Storyboard Text

  • I am sure that since we are family we could travel together from here and explore the world and see what changes are in store for us
  • I have been using these rocks to climb on for as long as I can remember
  • Hello, I am Igneous and this is my twin...he just happens to be called . We have been here so long we are actually a part of the land around here.
  • It looks to me like the Igneous Rock Family got carried down the river a bit to a new home and somehow got broken into smaller pieces along the way
  • These were the Igneous Brothers from many years ago
  • Oh yes I see it...and with the wind, weather and animal activities at work then you add a trip down the river to become compacted together with so many other pieces of rock
  • Do you think now they can finally rest? They have been through so much.
  • They have spent so much time under so much pressure!
  • Let me make sure I understand the process...They are going to travel down river again as a new type of rock...Now they are Metamorphic where do they go now?
  • If it were only that that they have become compacted together with other rocks they are now considered Metamorphic rocks
  • After many tumbles and turns they have finally settled into a new life...they are renewed yet again as a rock layer know as Sedimentary rock..this is where they will live out their days and eventually become ground into sediment.
  • These are now sedimentary rocks that have been created by erosion from the rain, wind and animals until they have been reduced to sediment and fine granules...this process has taken millions of years and a great deal of change but it is the final chapter i the life of a rock
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