French Revolution
Updated: 12/18/2019
French Revolution
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  • Meeting of the Estates General
  • Bonjour you highness ...
  • Good evening
  • Tennis Court Oath
  • We swear never to separate ourselves...
  • from the National Assembly, and to reassemble wherever...
  • Storming of the Bastille
  • Why meee
  • Attack!!
  • The three estates is where the three estates all met in one area. The clergy, the nobles, and the rest of the people (The third estate). They were all meant to talk and vote by order on what should be changed in France but of course the peasants did not get a say, and the clergy, and nobles just decided to tax the peasants even more, when they were already in a financial crisis. (leading away from french revolution)
  • The March on Versailles
  • After the national assembly locked themselves in the kings tennis court (After the meeting of the 3 estates), they took an oath, pledging "not to separate and to reassemble wherever circumstances require, until the constitution of the kingdom is established". This was in the constitution of 1791 (towards french revolution)
  • The Reign of Terror
  • The Storming of Bastille took place in Paris, France on July 14, 1789. It was a violent attack on the government by the people of France, which signaled the start of the French Revolution. A lot of people were killed and or went to prison. (leading away from french revolution)
  • The Rise of Napolean
  • Naaeee
  • Its all mine! Mine!
  • Bring out the King!
  • The women of France all got together on October 4th 1789, and decided to march to the kings castle (Versailles) and demand that they receive bread and that they talk with the king. As a result the king promised everyone bread. And he even talked to some of the women. However the king and his wife ended up running away, and tried hiding in Paris. (Towards french revolution)
  • We want bread!
  • The Reign of Terror began after the king was killed, and it refers to a period during the French Revolution after the First French Republic was established. In which multiple massacres and public executions occurred in France. The "Executioner" or the "Terror" was Maximilien Robespierre he would use an axe or guillotine. (Leading away from french revolution)
  • Your next!
  • Ahhhhh!!
  • Napoleon had great military success during the French Revolution, and he rapidly rose through the ranks. (1789-1799). After seizing political power in France in 1799, he crowned himself emperor in 1804. He also reformed a lot of things in France. For the better. (Towards french revolution)
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