Mr Dronet 2nd period
Updated: 2/25/2021
Mr Dronet 2nd period

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  • Introduction
  • Hello, my name is Abbie Salinas, today I will be introducing you to why the Civil War was so important.
  • Causes of the War
  • *fighting over the selling of this young enslaved boy*
  • What would eventually lead to the start of the Civil War is the disagreements between the North and the South states.
  • Start of the War
  • Abraham Lincoln, who was the newly president at the time also helped cause the Civil War.
  • *giving a presidential speech*
  • The reason to why the Civil War was so important in US history is because this event was key to the abolishment of slavery in the United States. This event also lead to the overall decision to make the United States a more industrialized country. This would later lead to the United States depending on certain groups of nationalities to work to make the wanted goods and more discrimination of different races in the US.
  • Union War Efforts
  • *traveling to the New Orleans port*
  • The South states believed they had they had a right to own slaves because of the belief that people of color were beneath the white man and were only seen as property. Also, both parts of the nation depended on different forms of money, the North had been industrialized, while the South stayed a agricultural area, which caused southerners to believed the north was trying to keep southern states in poverty.
  • Confederacy War Efforts
  • Lincoln was supporting the abolishment of slavery, which lead to many southerners disliking him, still he won the vote and officially became president of the United States. This lead to many if not all southern states to seceded from the Union and create the Confederate states of America and higher tension between the two now defined countries.
  • Legacy of the War
  • One of the main war efforts that the Union tried and succeeded with is the capture of New Orleans. At the time, New Orleans was the largest and most important port in the Confederacy, so the Union believed that if they were able to capture New Orleans, then they would have more control over they Mississippi River that ran through Louisiana.
  • Since, the Mississippi River ran through the state many states from both the south and the North it was crucial that they obtain as many forts that were placed along the river. Another attempt at stopping the Confederacy was to place boats around the southern states, this was to prevent incoming ships with supplies that would aid the Confederacy.
  • One of the main Confederacy war efforts was to produce and sell all the nations goods in one prominent area. New Orleans was the best option from the nation because of the size and access to the inner states of the two fighting countries.Fortunately the Union was able to capture the port, which left the Confederacy without many supplies.
  • But, also the Union because before the official capturing of the port New Orleans citizens started burning up any supplies they had in hopes of the Union not being able to be aided from the capture. This would eventually lead to the surrender of the Southern nation and the eventual states rejoining the nation without slavery.
  • After the Civil War and the Southern states rejoin the Union there was a lot of tension between the two areas because of the differences the people of the land had. One effect the Civil War had on the Confederacy or better known as the south is the mass destruction of many buildings and the death of many people.
  • Also the South was pretty angry at the Union since President Lincoln has stated that the former states will be rejoining the country even if they did not want to. While the South now had to produce mass production of needed goods to the country with barley enough money, the North was richer and relied on industrialized factories.