minion 1
Updated: 3/16/2021
minion 1

Storyboard Text

  • The Library Heist
  • Classical Conditioning
  • Annmaria is an evil queen in the medieval ages who wants to steal a priceless scroll full of rare knowledge. She's going to use her minions to steal it, and she wants to use classical conditioning to prepare them for a major obstacle- the librarian!
  • Annmaria realizes that minions are terribly afraid of spiders, and comes up with a fittingly despicable plan to get the minions to hide quietly from the librarian. She brings them into her personal library to train.
  • Annmaria makes shushing noises like a librarian (a neutral stimulus) and drops a large spider (an unconditioned stimulus) on a minion's head every time she does so. Soon, the minions have been conditioned to dive under tables and shelves to hide from the spider!
  • A week later, the minions are ready for the heist. They arrive at the library, chattering loudly as minions tend to do. The librarian there shushes them, prompting them to hide quickly. They've generalized their conditioned fear of Annmaria's shushes to all shushes!
  • Fortunately, the librarian doesn't see the minions before they hide, so they manage to sneak past him and grab the scroll Annmaria needed. The minions succeeded, and all due to their newly conditioned response!