S.S.R project #2
Updated: 11/25/2020
S.S.R project #2

Storyboard Text

  • Blue boy is shot with a tranquilizer in front of his family and friends and is taken by two hunters
  • Firstborn By Tor Seidler
  • Blue boy was put in a cage and was acting aggressively towards the hunters while Maggie, the bird, watched from the window.
  • Brain! The wolf, I think he's dead!
  • Blue boy was found in a pool of blood with missing teeth from his failed attempts of escaping the cage.
  • Maggie went back to the den to inform the rest of the family that Blue had died after being taken away by the hunters.
  • I always thought he was invincible. Utterly invincible
  • As Maggie looks for Sully, she runs into Lamar who is looking for food for a coyote friend named Artemis.
  • Hi Maggie! Have you seen any voles? I saw a shrew and a garter snake but I wanted to get Artemis her favorite.
  • When Maggie found Sully, she was too late. He had already been shot dead by the hunters who were originally tracking hime down, not Blue boy