The Great English Escape
Updated: 12/7/2020
The Great English Escape

Storyboard Text

  • Early Diffusion
  • This looks like a good place to farm.
  • We are taking this land
  • I speak Angelo- Saxson/Old English
  • English Origins
  • I speak a mix of Old Norse and Angelo-Saxson/Middle English
  • I speak a mix of Middle English, French, and Latin/Modern English
  • British Imperialism
  • We will make the world speak English!!
  • The ancestral language of English is thought to have either started in the areas near Russia or Turkey. From there the language was said to have spread through the conquering of land and settlements.
  • American Imperialism
  • Okay, we will learn your language.
  • The English language from Old English to Middle English, and finally Modern English.
  • Pop Culture
  • This English song is sick!!
  • In the 1800's and 1960's countries in Europe forcibly took over other countries in order to expand the British Empire.
  • International Competitiveness
  • In the 1900's The British Empire started to die down, while the American Empire started up. They conquered lands around the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean sea.
  • The English language has their own kind of entertainment. Many countries around the world have adopted those aspects of entertainment.
  • As the English language gains popularity some countries have instituted English learning classes. Some countries have even adopted English as one of their official languages.
  • Since we are teaching English, why don't we make it an official language.
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