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Alaska Environment
Updated: 5/6/2020
Alaska Environment
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  • Alaska Wildlife
  • What a nice meal for today, low in calories.
  • Agriculture in Alaska
  • Here on the farm is a simple yet challenging way of life. The state depends on you for the resources and with the vast land you have, it is very easy to harvest your crops.
  • Natural Resources
  • There is so much wood here! Now I shall take this to the construction site.
  • Yikes, ye havin been getting a bite all day. Fishing takes patience and perseverance, you can always catch a fish sometime!
  • Haha! Thanks to the many caves and natural mines, I found ores very easily! HAha!
  • Here we see the mighty grizzly bear take on a reindeer. Poor poor reindeer. Up on the branch we see a Willow ptarmigan, the Alaska state bird. Thank goodness it's not endangered. THese animals are common in the Alaska environment and be cautious of which animal it may be.
  • Industry- Oil Refining
  • Oil is used in many products people buy such as gas, electricity, and power.
  • Alaska's agriculture consists of mostly farming and vegetation. Potatoes are common foods that grow in Alaska. Cattle is fairly consistent throughout farms.Hay and milk are also usually around Alaska farmer's market.
  • Industry- Film
  • Natural resources such as wood and seafood are common in Alaska. Along with mining, Alaska keeps a stable economy thanks to these resources. Gold, coal, zinc and platinum are naturla resources underground. Coal helps by fueling trains and creates fireplaces. Fishing also takes place in Alaska thanks to the abundance of fish and crab. Timber and wood are most commonly found around Alaska and used for houses, shops, and much more structures..
  • Industry- Construction
  • In Alaska, we make sure that the homes are stable, and coldproof.
  • Construction is a key part in life, and that without us, you won't have a home.
  • As said, oil is used for power, and used in gas to power trucks, cars, airplanes, and trains. This is still a key product in life because people can't always afford electric cars. Crude oil is found in deserts mostly where it could be extracted and refined in a factory to regular oil.
  • Alaska is a state where many films could be made using the vast terrain and open areas. Many movies have come out of this state such as Pacific Rim and The Simpsons Movie. With the many vast terrain, it makes it easy for directors and screenwriters to find a spot to film.
  • A main industry in Alaska is its construction. Although Alaska has very few cities and towns, the construction team makes sure that the buildings protect the people from freezing temperatures. They also use natural resources such as stone and wood.
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