A COVID Reflection

Updated: 6/19/2020
A COVID Reflection

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  • hmmm I wonder what life is gonna be like when I get home!?
  • Its nice having all of this free time!
  • My parents and I really wanted me to still do school and focus on my academics.
  • When all of this stuff really started I was in Florida on a family holiday, I had no idea what was to come...
  • I've started to feel more lonely and anxious lately :(
  • At first when I was in mandatory quarantine, I actually enjoyed it. I had tons of time to go outside and do fun things I've always wanted to do or what I felt I was always too busy to do. (ex. yoga, journaling etc.)
  • I ❤️ paddle boarding so much! Its so peaceful and calms my mind.
  • I've been doing online school for many months now and I actually kind of like it! I am a very independent person and I enjoy no distractions working alone and at my own speed.
  • Now that school is basically over.. I will have lots more free time! I'm SO EXCITED for this SUMMER!
  • My anxiety has been getting a bit worse recently and I have felt unmotivated and stressed out about the smallest things.
  • I still try to do things I enjoy like... paddle boarding! For my 15th birthday I got my dream gift- a paddle board and my family and I go to the lake all of the time! BEST GIFT!!
  • Time management is definitely still one of my weaknesses but I have matured a lot over this tough time and I think that everyone is learning about more important issues in the world and about themselves. :)