Citizens, metics, slaves
Updated: 3/8/2021
Citizens, metics, slaves

Storyboard Text

  • I am a male citizen! I leave to go to school at 7 and learn stuff like math, science. I leave to go to the army when I am 18. I am aloud to vote and participate in the government! I can go out and go to the shops, well my wife cant.
  • I am a girl citizen! I can talk about government in my home but that is about it! I stay home all day and clean and teach my daughter helpful things like how to take care of a child because she will be married by 15!
  • What makes us citizens, Is that we were born here!
  • I am a medic! Me and the male medics both have the same rights. I am aloud to go tell my friends what I think o the government but I am not actually aloud to vote or participate.We still do not have all the rights of a citizen though! I can not own my own land.
  • What makes me a medic is that I live here, but was not born here.
  • I am a slave. I am owned by the city or a family. I cook, clean, and work all day for this family. I can not participate in the government, let alone talk about it. I can not own land. if a family does not want me anymore they can sell me. both genders of slaves do the same things! Just Males often work outside and females work more inside!
  • Usually slaves are slaves because the Athens declared war and toke us as slaves.