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The Red Pyramid
Updated: 12/18/2018
The Red Pyramid
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  • Where are we going?
  • To Washington D.C. !
  • Sadie Kane you can't open the Portal during Demon Days!
  • AGH!
  • Guys who are they?
  • Guys what are those bubble's?
  • I am Sobek!
  • While they were walking in the desert trying to see Nephthys because they needed Set's secret name. Sadie tried to teleport to Washington D.C. but couldn't because it was the Demon Days and Bast had told her and she had gotten upset.
  • While Sadie, Carter and Bast where in the Desert Sobek had been under water in the time, and Carter had a weird feeling and was warning Bast and Sadie but they just ignored him. At the same time they just had seen a family crossing the boarder illegally.
  • AGH!
  • While Bast and Carter and Sadie were fighting Sobek ,he threw Sadie into the air and she passed out . Carter threw his wand at Sobek but it didn't do anything .Sobek grabbed Bast with his mouth and thrashed her around until Bast disappeared and turned into Muffin.
  • Bast and Carter fought Sobek While Khufu was trying to help Sadie out because she passed out when Sobek threw her.
  • While Sadie was unconscious Amos had worried about her, and sadly Bast had turned into Muffin and Carter was holding her.
  • Amos had asked Khufu to take Muffin home safely.
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