science project
Updated: 12/3/2020
science project

Storyboard Text

  • Why is that moth green and why don't we ever see any black moths?
  • We don't have as many black moths because the green moths used camouflage to blend in with the leaves. Camouflage is an adaptation meaning they adapted to it.
  • What is camouflage and why do they use it?
  • Why would any organism want to blend in with their surroundings?!
  • Organisms use camouflage to hide from predators!
  • Camouflage is when an organism or item disguises themselves as their surroundings.
  • So what your saying is that the green moths live longer because they could blend in with surroundings?
  • Exactly! Over time the moths offspring are green & majority of moths are too due to variations.
  • Variations is the difference of DNA among individuals.
  • Their is something called survival of the fittest and it means the best adjusted to the environment is the most successful of living
  • Wait but it still doesn't make sense, why would blending in with your surroundings effect your life span
  • With survival of the fittest the moths blend in so predators cannot see them as well resulting as them not getting eaten.
  • Oh so the moths that blend in with their surroundings live longer.
  • And Natural selection is when organisms that are better adapted to their environment live longer. Darwin came up with natural selection.
  • So natural selection also effects the moths!