Alchemy with Lady Gavin...
Updated: 9/9/2020
Alchemy with Lady Gavin...

Storyboard Text

  • Follow the instructions to make the serum.
  • Uhhh okay...
  • No, don't!!
  • Better head to the healing center then.
  • My cape!
  • BOOM!
  • Yes ma'm
  • Ow!
  • You must be lost.
  • I'll have to hear that story later, lets get you to the healing center!
  • Uh Lady Gavin kicked me out and I'm supposed to be in the Healing Center.
  • Sophie? Lets take a look at that burn. Out of curiousity, how did you explode it?
  • I'm not sure, I measured everything correctly then I...
  • Oh.
  • ... I read whap, but I was pretty sure I read it wrong so i whipped it.
  • Hahahaha! Whap means "Wash hands and present.