Muhammad TImeline
Updated: 2/5/2020
Muhammad TImeline
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  • Muhammad's Birth
  • The Call to Prophethood
  • Muhammad's Teachings
  • After Muhammad was born in 570 C.E, his mother had sent him to live in a Nomadic tribe in the desert.
  • The Night Journey
  • In 610 C.E Muhammad went to pray in a cave near some mountions. Gabriel, an angel, visited him and declared him God's prophet.
  • The Hijrah
  • Somewhere around 613 C.E, Muhammad began preaching to other Makkans, and some even converted to Muslim. Most of the Mukkans rejected him and called him a liar, tortured his many followers, and even started a boycott which resulted in his family dying.
  • Muhammad's Death
  • In 610 C.E. a winged horse took Muhammad to Jerusalem, the city where the Muslim directed their prayers. While he was there, he met and prayed with the earlier prophets. He was guided by the horse through heaven, where he met God.
  • In 622 C.E. Muhammad went on a journey with his followers known as the Hijrah Madinah. A new Muslim community was built there. A truce was made soon after a fight broke out between the Muslims and the Makkas in 624.
  • In March 632, the final pilgrimage was led by Muhammad. In Makka, he delivered his last Sermon. Muhammad died soon after he returned to Madinah.
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