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Updated: 9/24/2020
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  • The Sirens
  • Scylla and Whirlpool
  • Charybdis
  • As the crew approached the sirens they all plugged their ears except Odysseus. But they tied him to the pole of the ship so he could not wander and be killed due to their music,
  • The Cattle of the sun god
  • This was the first monster that Odysseus and his crew encountered on the journey home. Scylla was a 6 headed monster and ate 6 of his men. Odysseus and his men managed to get passed him and the whirlpool chased after him though.
  • The Green Storm
  • To get passed Charybdis he had to be extremely sneaky and go straight by him. This is exactly what Odysseus ended up doing on his raft.
  • Home
  • After drifting to the island of the sun god, Thrinica. Odysseus was tired so he began to fall asleep. While he was sleeping Odysseus went and killed the cattle of the sun god which made both Odysseus and sun mad. The sun god then told Zeus what they had done and Zeus punished them again.
  • The punishment was a worse storm then any of the others. This storm was so bad it killed all of Odysseus men and almost killed him to. Odysseus survived though.
  • When he made it home, Poseidon saw Phacions assisting Odsseus and was enraged. He was then punished by Poseidon and when he woke up the place was covered in mist. Athena then explained to him how it was his home and that he had to battle the suitors for his wife . After defeating 108 suitors he finally reunited with his wife and son after several decades.
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