Landin's Bullying Story - Pushed by Trump
Updated: 1/28/2021
Landin's Bullying Story - Pushed by Trump

Storyboard Text

  • Landin can not use his legs he is paralized
  • Trump is the captain of the foot ball team and wants no one in his way
  • Trump pushes landin doun 30 stairs landin hits his head and whent to the hospitel he was in a coma then he got sent home
  • Landin finally wakes up and he can walk not only can he walk he can do spinjitzu
  • the next day landin gose to school and puts trump in a coma Landin is now feeling bad he gose to the hospital and reverses the coma 1 year later trump changed his name to bidan
  • Bidan is now the president of the united states and landin has descoverd scored he has magic dark magic is the most powerful magicof them all dundundaaa the end