What role did women play in the eighteenth century?
Updated: 12/29/2020
What role did women play in the eighteenth century?

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  • I work from 7 to 8
  • yes!
  • Will you marry me?
  • we can't afford to take care of him
  • please take good care of the baby
  • yes..
  • During their teenage years, women were able to work in the agricultural field. They were viewed as an agricultural improvement. Men and women worked separately and women tend to work in jobs that require less education.
  • marriage was an economic necessity for women. They would save up their money for marriage. Sometimes it takes a while so they would often be married in their mid/late 20s
  • When women gave birth to children, many of their households couldn't afford to take care of them so they let the wet nurses took care of them. In the household of peasants, children could represent an economic burden.
  • As enlightenment improved agriculture, but women were distanced from the workforce and they turned to cottage industries, knitting, and button making. They could only income through working for their family. Outside of household, their life was vulnerable.
  • Women were in charge of taking care of children and home and farming. They couldn't be part of the process of enlightenment because compared to men, they didn't receive high education. This also distanced them from ideas about enlightenment and society.
  • Overall, women mostly played the role of taking care of agriculture and the house.