refulsal skills comic strip

Updated: 9/10/2020
refulsal skills comic strip

Storyboard Text

  • uh oh. this boy best not be asking if i wanna go
  • ayo! you hear about noah's party?
  • yeahh..
  • oops. it's fine, noahs a good kid. it'll be fun!
  • we should go bro!
  • uh.. yeah! sure. pick me up at 7?
  • mia and jet arrive at the party, but mia knows she shouldn't be there..
  • YOOO!
  • i SAID no. you should't be drinking at this age.
  • drinks are in the kitchen, yall help yourselves
  • mia knows she made a mistake by coming to the party.. but how will she handle it?
  • we can have some soda? you have some over there.
  • no. i don't drink.
  • hey mia! thirsty?
  • not even just a sip?
  • alcohal tastes like poo anyway. i wanna leave.
  • noah doesn't say anything, and mia walks out of the party. go her for rejecting that!