Paleolithic/Neolithic Story Boards 1st hour
Updated: 10/5/2018
Paleolithic/Neolithic Story Boards 1st hour
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  • We had 50 people in our tribe at max so it was easy to move from place to place
  • Us women gathered berries,nuts and other plants that grew
  • Us men were hunters we hunted animals like bison and tons of other animals
  • We rarely stayed in one spot and we lived in caves,tents and other things that were easy to transport and reuse.
  • We can now live a place permanently instead of moving all the time our houses are made out of mud bricks to build round or rectangular houses and used branches and wheat for the roof
  • We learned instead of relying on hunting animals for food we could gather plants and seeds to grow crops nad we also, learned how to domesticate animals
  • We now are able to trade to get things that we can not get where we live and use these items to improve tools like a spear
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