without a shirt
Updated: 9/13/2018
without a shirt
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task 3 english

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  • Teacher- Mrs Brown
  • Brian Bell
  • without a shirt
  • Sarah Fivaz
  • written by Paul Jennings
  • Old Ben Byron.......... without a shirt
  • why without a shirt?
  • Introduction- Brian Bell is a young boy with a speech deformity, at the end of every scentence he says "without a shirt". 
  • Brian has been asked to present a speech to his class, but Sue Featherstone is bullying him about his speech deformity. This makes Brian feel sad and upset. As a result of this, his speech has been poseponed til Wednesday.
  • AHH!!!
  • Old Ben Byron............
  • Look there's a skeleton
  • Good job, Brian 10/10
  • One day after school Brian came home to Sue Featherstones mother (land lord) and his mum having a conversation. After that Brians mother told him they had to move because there financial problems. The only house they could afford was the house in the centre of the cemetery. Having to move from a place that made Brian happy and feel safe to a old run down house in the middle of a cemetery made Brian feel very upset and unsettled.
  • Don't worry I wont bury you without a shirt
  • When Shovle (the dog) brought Brian the bone, he was very worried that Shovle had dug up a grave but once he relized he hadn't and that it was found on the beach he was determind to find the rest of the bones.
  • then they went to find the rest of the bones
  • Brian re-did his test and was very proud of himself when he managed to say the hole speech without saying without a shirt. Then Old Ben Byrons foot appeared and scared everyone, his teacher didnt realise that th e skeleton foot was real and was so impressed he gave brian a 10 out of 10. wich maid Brian very proud.
  • After Brian had fonud the rest of old ben byrons bones and old ben byron had formed. Brian told Old Ben that he wouldn't bury him without a shirt. After that his speach deformity was cured he never said without a shirt ever again wich maid him very happy.
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