Gilly Graybeard
Updated: 5/26/2020
Gilly Graybeard
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  • Arr...begone ya ol' wench or I'll make ya walk my plank! Har Har!
  • You Gray Croissant! Silly baguette! Go away or I will taunt you a second time!
  • Gilly Graybeard woke from a strange dream to find his ship and crew missing. Though he was lost, he set out to find the object of his dream. What was he in search of? Why, a first mate of course!
  • I know your mind Gilly Graybeard! Take me with you and we will sail the high seas together!
  • He walked day and night, escaping the temptations of mermaids and doing battle with fiesty crabs who cursed at him in French and pinched his bum.
  • got carrots?
  • Tired, hungry, and alone he found refuge in a cave. "All I be wantin' is a matey who'll sail the high seas wit me! I mean, who ever heard of a pirate without a parrot? Shiver me timbers! I'll rest me bones in this cave- but this land lubberin ain't fer me!"
  • I can't swim!
  • Arr, Squirrel matey! Quit yer blubberin.'This will be the start of a beautiful friendship!
  • He had just fallen asleep when a voice in his head spoke to him saying, "You are lost and alone Gilly Graybeard! I know what you seek . . . it is me! Squirrel the Rabbit!
  • "Arr, you be hearin' my thoughts little rodent?" It was at this moment that Gilly Graybeard discovered that he had inherited the gift of his grandpappy: the ability to communicate with furry woodland creatures with only his mind.
  • As the pair made their way back to Gilly's pirate ship they thought of all the ways they could plunder and pillage together. Gilly and his mate Squirrel: the scourge of the seven seas!
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