Everything that rises must converge story board
Updated: 11/7/2020
Everything that rises must converge story board

Storyboard Text

  • Title, Author, Genre, Year Published
  • Title-Everything That Rises Must ConvergeAuthor- Flannery O'ConnorGenre- Realistic FictionYear published- January 1965
  • “They were better off when they were [slaves],” (O'Connor 4).
  • Main Characters and Setting
  • The Main Characters are Julian and His MomThe Setting is in the south during the 1960's
  • “There are no more slaves,” (O'Connor 4).
  • Exposition
  • Exposition- Julian and his mother are preparing to go to the YMCA because Julian's mom has high blood pressure. When they are preparing we learn that Julian's Mother is racist and judges people based off their faces and not off of their heart/personality.
  • Rising action
  • Rising action- Julian and his mother are on the bus on the way to the YMCA. Julian has to escort his mother to the YMCA because of the new integration laws. He tries to change his mother's perception of African Americans but his ideas continuously fail.
  • Climax
  • Climax- Julian's mother gets hit and passes out for giving a young African American boy a penny. She gives the boy (Carver) a penny and his mother who is a big beefy woman takes it as racism. Julian's mom knew what she was doing and treated the kid like he was homeless. As a result, she got hit with her fist and her large purse knocking her unconscious.
  • Vocab Words
  • 1. 1. Bleakly, Adverb, without hope2. Preposterous, Adjective, Absurd or ridiculous,3. Lurched, past tense verb, Make an abrupt, unsteady, uncontrolled movement or series of movements.
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