social studies project

Updated: 9/30/2021
social studies project

Storyboard Text

  • Welcome to the Jumano tribe! Some of us are ranged over much of northern mexico, New mexico, and Texas.
  • But our most enduring base was in central Texas. (where we are)
  • This is where we live. These houses are made out of just wood and clay! Pretty cool right?
  • You know the way we use our environment is actually really helpful. For us at least.
  • We are farmers and we don't move around. Like i said the way we use are environment is helpful for us!
  • These are going to be so good
  • Back to where we started, here is where we get our other food source. If were not hunting with bow and arrows we are planting and suppling stuff like corn, dried squashes, beans, and more from other farming villages.
  • Take 5
  • CUT!!
  • Oh! hey! i didn't realize you were still here. Well since you are do you want to here one last thing that was cut out of the play? Well a unique thing about the Jumano tribe is that they were a peaceful tribe and they covered them selves in tatoos