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Muslim empire
Updated: 9/4/2020
Muslim empire
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  • hey I was wondering while we are traveling how was like for gunpowder empires?
  • well at the start it was like normal empire and then they got imports from china from places they conquer them that where a gunpowder empire
  • I forgot who the leader for the empire was cause I was going to tell what did he do to his people
  • The sultan yeah he was the from the 1600 and on until they fell apart but the sultan converted secretly and only talk the most important people
  • hey I was wondering what is a millet system I have seen that in many history books here
  • a millet system is a system where the religious that were not recognized formed a group but they had to pay taxes to pray and practice their religious
  • I feel like it would be like they have to pay taxes to let their religion be their
  • what do you think it was to live in religious tolerance places
  • how do you think arts influenced the society I feel like it influenced the society by introducing them to new art and thing s that they can do with art
  • I feel like you were right in what you said and what I would add to your statement is that the ottoman empire where huge fans of art in many places and every time they conquered something they would like to see the art as well
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