Southern colonies
Updated: 1/29/2021
Southern colonies

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  • HI, I am one of the separatists who founded the Plymouth colony. We wanted to go to Virginia because we wanted religious freedom. When we were there we had a harsh winter, many of the separatists died from starvation. But when winter was over, a native American came and talked to us. His name was Samoset. When we were at the village Squanto helped us make a successful harvest.
  • The important people in Massachusetts bay were the puritans and John Winthrop. We wanted to found Massachusetts bay because we wanted to make changes to the church of England. We went to Massachusetts bay because we thought we weren't practicing enough religion in England. We the puritans elected John Winthrop as the governor of the colony.
  • The two important people in Rhode island were Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson. The American Indians who sold land to Roger Williams, and he created a settlement that he named Providence. The Puritans beliefs were that even though they had come to Massachusetts for religious freedom, others who did not practice religion the way the Puritans.
  • We founded Connecticut because so many people were going to Massachusetts bay that we needed to have more land. Another Puritan minister, by the name of Reverend Thomas Hooker, began to look for other opportunities to practice religious freedom away from the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Along with our livestock, arrived at the Connecticut River where we founded the settlement of Hartford.
  • New Hampshire was north of Massachusetts bay. We had moved the settlement to the area that is now Portsmouth. New Hampshire A fishing colony was also established in the region, when John Mason was granted land in the area. In 1679, the king of England united them under a charter as the royal colony of New Hampshire.
  • In the New England area, the Pequot also lived with the Wampanoag. The leader of the Wampanoag, Massasoit, had secured peace with the Pilgrims and other English colonists. These new colonists stopped growing on Wampanoag lands. When Massasoit died, his son Metacomet became the new leader of the Wampanoag. Though Metacomet stopped the settlers taking land, but when other groups came, King Philip’s war began. When Metacomet died, the war had came to an end.
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