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Creative Short Story
Updated: 10/14/2020
Creative Short Story
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Storyboard Text

  • Exposition
  • How can I talk to her?
  • Rising Action
  • Nice dude!
  • Climax
  • Are you from Tennessee? Cause' your the only ten I see.
  • Ew! Get lost weirdo!
  • The story begins on a Monday afternoon at PittsHitts High School. A young boy named Asher is chatting with his friends in the hallway. Asher sees the new girl, Moon walk by and wants to talk to her but doesn't know how to approach her so, he asks his friends for advice.
  • Falling Action
  • Ughhhh! Why did I do that?
  • Asher's friends tell him that he has to look cool to impress a girl. With that the guys take Asher out to buy new clothes and get him a new hair dew. One of Asher's friend's, Razuel--gives Asher a list corny pickup lines to say to Moon.
  • Resolution
  • Do you maybe wanna hang out sometime?
  • What the!
  • Asher goes to school with his new appearance and approaches Moon nervously. He uses one of the corny pickup lines Razuel told him to say. Moon is weirded out by Asher and blows him off.
  • Theme
  • Two ice cream sundaes!
  • On the way home Asher reflects on what he did. He was very upset that Moon shut him down like that. When he gets home, he takes a look in the mirror and almost doesn't recognize who he is. Asher washes the hairspray out of his hair and goes back to wearing his regular clothes.
  • *Wash Wash*
  • Much better!
  • The following day, Asher approaches Moon once more. He apologizes for his behavior and told her he only wanted to ask to hang out but didn't know how to approach her. Moon forgives Asher and say he should've just been himself and that she thinks he looks fine the way he is.
  • Sure!
  • The theme of this story is, just be yourself! You should never have to change yourself or appearance to be friends with someone. If that's the case, then you should stay away from wanting to get involved with a person like that because in the end you will most likely be the one getting hurt.
  • You are so funny!
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