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Timothy Duffield - The Land of Stories by: Chris Colfer
Updated: 8/20/2020
Timothy Duffield - The Land of Stories by: Chris Colfer
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Storyboard Description

Two kids go on a journey around the land of stories collecting fairy tale artifacts to complete the wishing spell to go home. They are guided by a journal that they later find out to be their dads. They are stopped by the evil queen from coming home and then are forced to return the artifacts to their rightful owners. But by doing so find out that their grandma is the fairy godmother and then are taken home by her. But in my ending instead of going home they go on another journey to find their lost father.

Storyboard Text

  • I am the fairy godmother kids. I protected you on your journey the whole time.
  • !
  • Or at least helped us on our quest to complete the wishing spell.
  • How come you didn't tell us earlier?
  • I wanted you to experience what your dad experienced.
  • But he at least knew that you were the fairy godmother and could get any wish he wanted from you
  • Well if you want to perform a wish that big we should go to a secret place in the back of the castle.
  • This talk about wishes makes me kind of want one. And I know exactly what that wish is.
  • Yes!
  • Here we are, but are you sure that you are ready for this?
  • Bibity Bobity BOO
  • I can't wait to see Dad again!
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