Emily McLaughlin Story Board
Updated: 12/2/2020
Emily McLaughlin Story Board

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  • What are we going to do?!
  • I can't believe it. Did you hear? Because we don't have enough crops this season, we can't afford our taxes.
  • Alright calm down boys. Everything will work. But we are going to have to sell the farm to even come close to reaching the amount that we need.
  • I can't just leave my children homeless, this is just cruelty!
  • I declare that we fight back. We can't stand here and let them do this to us! We have to take a stand!
  • What if they threaten to take more away from us? We need to, as a group, go after these miscreants.
  • They legally can't take more away from us. They aren't allowed to levy taxes. This could be used to our advantage!
  • SIR! We can't get them to stop! They are trying to start a war! What do we do?
  • They will not get away with this. If they want a war, they'll get one!
  • Unbelievable, I can't believe we were beaten our own game! How embarrassing.
  • How are we supposed to win a rebellion without our weapons?!
  • War ArsenalCLOSED
  • Woah I did not see this one coming.
  • Well, this is unfortunate. I forgot we aren't allowed to use our military.
  • Hey guys, how about we just forget about this misunderstanding and go home?
  • This doesn't need to escalate further now does it?
  • Are they for real right now?
  • Lets get to work.
  • We need to create a new set of laws and customs because our current situation isn't working.