Social Studies part 1
Updated: 3/31/2020
Social Studies part 1
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  • British Impressment
  • Embargo Act
  • President Jefferson
  • Embargo Act
  • Non-intercourse Act
  • Non-intecourse Act
  • President Madison
  • Embargo Act
  • The British raided American merchant ships. They also said that many American sailors were deserters from their navy. So they captured them to serve on their naval ships.
  • President Thomas Jefferson signed the Embargo act in hopes to get both Britian and France to stop raiding their ships. The act helped protect American ships by cutting off trade with all nations. This act ended up not working as expected, and instead hurting American merchants.
  • President Jefferson did sign the Non-intercourse Act. President James Madison took mostly was responsible for things happening with the act in place as he was president during most of the acts time. This act reopened trading with all nations other than the Britian and France in effort to fix what the Embargo act did. 
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