Geography Cartoon
Updated: 1/3/2020
Geography Cartoon
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  • Today we are gonna go on a field trip to learn about renewable energy
  • Cool!
  • Hydro power is uses a dam to get electricity. Sadly, it does have ecosystem disadvatages
  • That's right!
  • But it's renewable, so it won't run out like coal or oil
  • Wind energy uses turbines to get energy. Just like hydro power it can disrupt animal habitats
  • Yes, and it doesn't produce enough energy for large populations
  • It can also disrupt scenery and make a ton of noise!
  • Solar energy uses the sun as energy. These can be used to heat houses and water
  • But, it disrupts scenery!
  • That's true! Unfortunately it not only disrupts scenery, but won't work well on cloudy days
  • Which source is better?
  • Today you learned about advantages and disadvantages of Hydro power, Wind energy, Solar energy. Any questions?
  • Depends on if your talking about the cost, efficiency, availability, or environmental factor
  • Overall, renewable resources are much better for the environment than non renewable
  • All sources of power come with pros and cons, meaning that while coal power is harmful to the environment it is still one of the most efficient sources of power
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