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Updated: 1/28/2019
Mya stroy board ELA

Storyboard Text

  • Initial Dialogue or Event
  • oh hello, Helena good evening to you too.
  • good evening hermia, 
  • demitrious! hello, how are you.?
  • propels by the action 
  • oh hey there hermia im good, have u seen helena?
  • hey! im over here.
  • hello, Demetrius so u know how Hermia has been acting so jealous lately I wonder why.
  • outcome
  • umm, yeah she has been your right hermia i think its becasue she know i love you and not her
  • these to ladies Hermia (left) Helena(right)are having hard time being friends because of a boy named Demetrius who they both fall in love with but only one of them can have him. And this causes conflcit between the two characters.
  • the action
  • things are very ok ward now because he knows they both love him but remember he only loves one person and that is hermia. but on the other hand helena is very jelous.
  • well yes! i am very jelous and im going to talk to him right now> where is he!
  • so you like hermia!? thats fine i will just leave
  • .because of this situation is causing conflict between the characters there is a lot of jealousy going on with the two girls both Hermia and helena
  • well< listen you cant be upset because i dont love you. We can still be friends tho if you want?
  • whatever she can get over it! besides l like you to. and i should probobly have a talk with her mysef
  • "uh oh" now Hermia is starting to figure out that Demetrius loves her and not Helena.
  • hermia! i don't know what to do about Helena she is all jealous because I love u not her...
  • now Helena is going to try and make Dimitrios like her and this is when the conflict happens between the to girls.
  • hey Helena so i know how you're upset because he has feleings for me but not u. well maybe you can talk to him
  • now she had a conversation with him she feels worse about how she reacted to the fact he doesnt love her like that