Chapter 6
Updated: 8/18/2020
Chapter 6

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  • When Melody was born Mrs V was the first person to just think of her as a normal person she just picked her up like she was normal. Melody's mother was in shock no one has ever picked Melody up like a normal child
  • When Melody's mother and father go of to work they ask miss V to take care of Melody miss V was tall and always wore bright floural dresses she was a nurse and she always wore her bright dresses to make all the kids happy miss V didn't think of Melody any diffrent or that she couldn't talk or walk but she believed in her.
  • One day when melody was at miss V's house she took her out of her wheelchair and placed her on her back and then placed her Favourite toy monkey infront of her she said " Turn over Melody come on" she did not think taht she could do it but melody was in shock when all of a sudden she rolled over onto her stomach and grabed it .
  • Miss V did all she could for melody she gave her more words on her board and she was leaning to make full sentances.Melody was kinda starting ti feel like some sort of normal but she knew she was differrent.
  • Miss V and Melody had a secret Tey always had dessert before dinner melody loved miss V's chessecake miss v would load up melody with icecream and cheesecake everytime she was over Melody loved it.
  • Oned ay when miss V and Melody where sitting outside under the verranda it all of a sudden started raining Melody's eyes's blew up she was excited and had never felt tain so miss V took melody and her wheelchair out in the rain and sh ewas having so mcuh fun the the rain dripped inside her wehllchair soaked her and her cloths onece the tain stopped she and miss b got changed and waited for her mother and her father