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Updated: 2/24/2019
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  • Exposition
  • conflict
  • rising action
  • Nicky is a 12 year old boy and is always moving to nowhere exciting until he moves to a town called Raven Brooks.
  • climax
  • On Nickys first night he saw someone peering through a curtain so he waved but when he waved the figure quickly dissapeard. But it turns out to be a boy about his age and his name is Aaron and they go to a abandoned amusement park and loot the place for fun.
  • falling action
  • When they went to the store to get snacks they saw other kids from Raven Brooks. The kids looked terrified almost like they were afraid of Aaron.
  • resolution
  • Nicky finds out about a disaster that happened and Aarons dad built a roller coaster that killed someone so Nicky snooped around some files and reports during a sleepover and got caught buy Aarons dad .
  • One day the boys were just pranking people so they decided to break a store speaker. The boys had to pay 5000 dollars to repair the speaker. Both of the parents said that they cant see eachotheragain.
  • When the boys couldent see eachother it was always quiet until Aarons mom got in a crash and dies. Nicky attended her funeral and Aarons dad crying told Nicky to never come back again.
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