History / The american and french war

History / The american and french war

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The causes that lead to the American Revolution

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  • The Proclamation Act of 1763
  • "whatever"
  • The  Stamp Act  1765
  • "This is unbelievable!"
  • "You will be taxed for paper, tea, and many more"
  • The Townshend Acts  1767
  • "no," 
  • "The intolerable acts"
  • The Proclamation Act of 1763 began after the French and Indian war and the act stated that the British would forbid settelers to move towards west by closing the port to Boston. This allowed England to control the westward expansion and most tribes liked the land. In the end the act failed because settlers were not being stopped by British troops. This was one of the many causes that lead to the American Revolution because colonists who lived towards the west twere told to return back and people where not having the new act.
  • The Boston Massacre  1770
  • "You are evil and should be ashamed"
  • After war the Britain had no money and decided to put the Stamp Act in 1765  where people had to be taxed for paper, tea and many more items. They would give you a special stamp that meant you had payed Britain for the items  and many colonists where not at all happy. Colonists believed that it was a way that would make Britain rich and they weren't very wrong. One of the many angered people was Patrick Henry and decided to repeal against the act and gave his famous speech "Give me liberty or give me death" .  Many people protested against it but Britain didn't really care and this was angering many colonists.
  • The Boston Tea Party 1773
  • "What are you doing,"
  • Then they issued the Townshend act of 1767 and it stated that they will close the port of Boston, reduce government authority, and any crimes will be accused for everyone. People where having enough of all the acts and rules so they started rebelling against the British. Colonists where dealing with the stamp act and they wanted to repeal against it and now they had the Townshend act on them was a lot for them.
  • The Intolerable Acts 1774
  • " Hey, can i have your tea?"
  • " we don't even have tea for our own,"
  • It all started when colonists started talking to a British troop outside. The argument got to big and over 50 people joined. They started throwing things at the troops and Private Montgomery ( one of the troops) fired at crowd killing 5 colonist including a free black. People went to trial and arrested 8 British soldiers,1 officer, and 4 civilians were arrested . When they went to trial 6 of British Soldiers were found not guilty. Thats when the sons of liberty had enough of it and decided to rebel. This was leading to the American Revolution because colonists started to see how Britian really was.
  • This was a protest made by the "sons of liberty" where they board on a tea ship dressed up as Indians and decided to throw all the tea overboard. They ended up throwing 342 chests of tea. They soon realized it was colonists who did it because the indian costumes where not really as convincing. They protested in response to the Boston Massacre trails .In the end we didn't really know if it was planned or not.
  • Now we have the Intolerable acts that stated that colonists had to provide supplies and quartering (homes to the troops) to the British Troops. People didn't mind the quartering but they minded the supplies because they where struggling to get the supplies for their own and to have troops come and take them was pretty hard. They also had to pay for taxes on almost everything like paint, lead, and tea. The "external taxes" was what they where called but it is no different form the taxes we get. People started to boycott  but had no effect.The American Revolution was building up because people started getting more and more violent.
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