Updated: 5/3/2019

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  • Whiskey Rebellion
  • Federal Judiciary Act of 1789
  • Marbury v Madison
  • In 1791 to 1794 the Whiskey Rebellion was started by angry farmers. These farmers where mad at the fact that they where being taxed on whiskey. This caused the rebellion of 500 people and at the end they where stoped by Washington and Hamilton.
  • Alien Act
  • Sorry, you cant come in
  • This Act would established the federal court system. In September 4, in 1789 Washington signed the law. This established the supreme court system and many lower courts.
  • Sedition Act
  • This case was acted upon at in February 28, 1803. The plaintiff was William Marbury and the defendant was James Madison. The issue was the Marbury wanted to sue Madison because he didn't receive his commission.
  • Louisiana Purchase
  • In 1798, the Alien Act was published. This act basically stated that you had to wait about 14 years to become a citizen here in the U.S. This Act was published by Federalist congress to make it harder for newcomers to come and for non-citizens to vote.
  • This act was passed in May 16, 1918. This Act stated that anything from press to articles criticizing the government would be considered a crime. Later, people started protesting as it violated their 1st amendment to freedom of speech.
  • The Louisiana Purchase was a land trade with France. The United States bought the land for 15 million and gained land west from the Missisippi River. This land gained was important to the U.S as it gave us more land and more future places for states.
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