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Updated: 12/19/2020
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  • I'll let him try for bit
  • I can't reach it, it's too far back
  • The dog was outside playing with his chew toy when he accidentally took in more than he could and started choking
  • You can do it buddy, just relax
  • I let him try on his own without interfering
  • Oh no! I need to start giving him some CPR
  • Hang in there buddy
  • Pulled his mouth open to see if I can reach the object that's trapped inside
  • -Nearest Vet-Fast Food -Gas Stations
  • Exit 12
  • We're never going to make it
  • Lift up his hind legs like a wheelbarrow, leaving his front feet on the ground so that the object can come out
  • None of the techniques worked so now it's time to take matters into my own hands and begin rescue breathing right away
  • As soon as rescue breathing begins, someone else should rush you to the nearest vet
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