Sci Thing
Updated: 9/9/2020
Sci Thing

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Storyboard Text

  • Zacharias Janssen
  • This can be used to magnify small objects and make it look bigger! This can be a business.
  • Antonie van Leeuwenhoek
  • Wow! Look at these small things in your mouth, I think i'll call it animacules!
  • Robert Hooke
  • The cork has somethings inside it that looks like cells. I think these are more like "cells" than animacules.
  • Matthias Schleiden
  • Zacharias Janssen makes the first compound microscope. He later on sells it to scientists.
  • All the plants I have looked at all had cells!
  • Theodor Schwann
  • Antonie van Leeuwenhoek made his own microscope and uses it to look at other things. He later on observes the bacteria in dental scrapings.
  • Robert Hooke called the cells in the cork as "cells' instead if animacules.
  • Matthias Schleiden saw all the plants that he has looked at all were made of cells.
  • Theodor Schwann also saw that all the animals he looked like also had cells.
  • Matthias Schleiden met with Theodor Schwann and they both disagreed by the fact the Schleiden thought that cells come out of nowhere. Rudolf Virchow cam in and cam with data to prove that cells do come from cells with the research of Rober Remak.